Oily Gasbag

Oily Gasbag

Goes A Dancing

Our so-called 'hero' Oily Gasbag is a large, clumsy, rather daft goblin with a firm belief that he is handsome and that all the young pretty faeries and elves are in awe of him. They ain’t!

Very few females like him, apart from one: a youngish witch who hails from Vienna whose name is Frieda Hasbug. Her sniffy older sister, Hattie has little time for Oily; she has little time for anyone. Nevertheless, she agrees to help her sister conjure up a dark magic potion that will turn Oily’s dancing skills from that of a deranged hippopotamus into a champion ballroom performer.

It all begins at the local fair in Smelly Welly, Nonsenseshire. He barges into a group of dancing faeries and elves and tries to dance with the beautiful elf, Su Fa Su Gut who pushes him away. When he is thrown out of the fair, he decides to learn to dance but unfortunately for him, the schools he tries do not want him! Luckily Frieda has a plan, a dancing contest where they will enter as a couple.

Will they prove everyone wrong and win? Or is Oily destined to have two left feet forever?

This is the first of a series of six. Oily, his friends and his foes, now head for Europe. So, book 2 takes him to Vienna, Book 3 to Paris, and book 4 to Rome are all written.. Again, all about dancing and singing contests and the fun and frolics that accompany Oily and co. So, folks be on the lookout for’ Oily Gasbag In Austria hopefully for 2025. Books 5 and 6 are still to be written. Details to follow.

The Pentacle of Northumbria

This is the first book of a darker trilogy for Young Adults. Two young teens, Wally and Bessie find themselves transported to a parallel world of Celtic sorcery and witchcraft where rival clans of witches, wizards, goblins, faeries, elves and lyths are preparing to take sides in a coming war between light and dark magical forces. Wally is tasked, with Bessie’s help, in finding all the pieces of the famed and powerful Pentacle of Northumbria, which, if complete ,will destroy all evil. But will they succeed? Read it and find out!



This is the second part of the trilogy where things begin to get much darker. The coming conflict looms nearer, The Sistehoood arises but which sides  have Wally and Bessie chosen?

I am currently writing the third and final book of the trilogy. This has a working title. Moore details to come.